May 4, 2022

Nova Galaxi DVR Lathe Review


The Nova Galaxi DVR Lathe is one of a few cutting-edge innovative lathes, with a silky-smooth direct-drive motor controlled by a powerful microcomputer with a touchpad and digital display. DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) technology is present in the computer, which calibrates and maintains the lathe’s speed and power based on resistance. It also has several features that help you with your turns. It can detect and advise on setup flaws, assess the weight of your workpiece and modify performance accordingly, and shut down power if it detects chisel dig-ins or spindle lockout.

The NOVA Galaxi Lathe has the influence and ability to tackle the most demanding turning operations with ease, thanks to its high torque engine, cast-iron structure, remarkable structural strength, and innovative design. And this, combined with the Galaxy’s lack of belts or pulleys, results in a remarkably smooth and quiet turning experience. The computer also improves efficiency, ensuring that the motor only pulls as much power as required, saving up to 80% in energy and emissions compared to conventional engines.

Nova Galaxi DVR Lathe


  • It performs admirably and is incredibly quiet.
  • Speed control is simple, as is forward and reverse.
  • It does not bog down when the chisels are engaged since it has adequate torque to keep the predetermined speed.
  • The electronic brake adjusts to the workpiece’s speed and weight.


  • It sometimes has issues with displaying black boxes.

 Features Include:

  • Forward and Reverse

With the optional outrigger adapter, you can increase the capacity to 29″ outboard and the distance between centers to 44″.

  • Power to Burn

The Stritch Direct Drive DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) Motor 2HP (220v) and 1.75 (110v) give more power/torque than any other 16′′ wood turning lathe machine on the market.

  • Energy Efficiency of up to 50%

The DVRTM (Digital Variable Reluctance) motor only uses as much power as is required, which means it is very efficient and runs excellent, extending the life of your engine.

PLUS: 8 FAVORITE SPEED CHANGES Dial-in Speed Control for Faster, More Accurate Speed Setting. The Favorite Speed option allows you to program your most often used speeds for a quick project setup.

  • Cast Iron Stand with CAD Design

They are designed to allow for bespoke shelves on the stand. It has a larger, exclusive design with CAD-designed ribbing for structural strength and tool shelf availability. The stand does not come with any frames (sold separately).

  • Powerful Performance in a Small Workspace

Great for individuals who require as much space as possible! Even when turning huge bowls, the swivel head and articulated Outrigger Accessory (available separately) allow you to ride in the same compact area. For larger jobs, slide the headstock along the bed.

  • 360° Swivel head

It is more comfortable to turn when you place the work where you want it. It also saves room.

The speed range is incredible, ranging from 100 to 5,000 RPM.

From small pens to huge bowls and platters, this material is ideal for a wide range of crafts.

  • High torque

It has a high torque output straight from the outset, making it ideal for low-speed turning. There are no belts to change, and the spindle has total power output.

  • Intelligent Propulsion

The computer assesses the spindle location and the power required to maintain a set speed (100s times per second).

The drive provides more power as the cutting tool pressure is increased.

  • Low Maintenance

The DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) is a simple motor, with the electronics adding complexity. There are few mechanical parts, and there are no belts or pulleys – the motor and lathe machine headstock are one unit. There are no brushes or magnets, and there is only one set of industrial-grade stator windings.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent control

The NOVA DVR line of lathes, which uses Adaptive Control Software, is the only SMART lathes. It detects faults in the setup and advising, detects safety issues such as chisel dig-ins and spindle lock, and quickly shuts down power to the spindle. The intelligent computerized control helps you with your turning by, for example, measuring the weight of the workpiece and modifying the performance accordingly.

  • High torque power

You’ll have instant power whenever you need it. It’s not only easily convertible to outrigger work for more giant bowls and to enhance spindle capacity. With its 2.3HP (115v) high torque motor, remarkable structural strength, and intelligent design, the lathe also has the power and ability to handle it with ease.

  • Turning that is faster and more efficient.

The NOVA GALAXI DVR has a fantastic turning smoothness. The Galaxi is a smooth operator with no belts or pulleys to generate vibration, a microprocessor that automatically adjusts performance, and robust cast iron construction. And this allows you to spin faster and more efficiently while reducing sanding time. The 5 FAVORITE SPEEDS option will enable you to preselect your most often utilized speeds to complete your project more quickly.

  • Plug n’ Play

Push-button electronic variable speed with forwarding and backward is simple to use.

  • Safety Sensing

If a chisel digs in or the spindle lock is on when turning the spindle, computer control stops power to the spindle immediately.

  • Power saving

The innovative computer-controlled motor only uses as much energy as is required for the project at hand. Compared to traditional motors, the DVR motor can save up to 80% on energy and pollution.


For the price, the Nova Galaxi DVR is good value for money. It is a little more expensive than comparable lathe machines, but the pricing is incredible. Its outstanding quality and performance are well worth the price because of its exceptional quality and performance. With the optional outrigger adapter, it can even turn more giant bowls, platters, and long spindles.


The NOVA DVR series of lathes are the only intelligent lathes on the market, with clever Adaptive Control software that works with the turner to generate the best turning conditions for your unique projects. The Nova Galaxi DVR 16-inch x 44-inch lathe is one of the most versatile lathes available, combining the advantages of larger lathes’ power, capacity, and capabilities in a compact size with cutting-edge technology to make turning safer, more efficient, and enjoyable.


The NOVA Galaxi DVR (DIGITAL VARIABLE RELUCTANCE) Lathe has a comprehensive warranty of 2 years on the motor and electronics and 5 Years on Mechanical and parts.


Before starting up, the speed setpoint is present as a safety precaution. The speed difference is astounding. With a single button push, the lathe’s speed changes instantly. Features are excellent, and the motor’s performance is unrivaled. You can’t stifle it. The swivel headstock aids in the hollowing of bowls. 

It operates in a very smooth and quiet manner. At all speeds, the torque is outstanding. The speed selection possibilities are excellent between favorites, dial coarse/fine-tuning, and selecting right from the speed chart. The electronic brake adjusts to the workpiece’s speed and weight. This lathe is highly recommended.

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