July 29, 2020

Shopfox W1754H 20″ Planer Review [REVISITED]

Are you looking for a heavy-duty planer for your workshop? The Shopfox W1754H 20″ Planer with Built-in Mobile Base and Helical Cutterhead, may just be all that you need. This planer is an imposingly gorgeous piece that you will enjoy using in your workshop for a long time. It is durable and efficient.

What makes this planer special is its capacity. This has a pedestal-mounted switch as well as a mobile base. It is powered by a 5HP motor and will easily make the cuts that you need. 

Shopfox W1754H 20


This planer has wide extension wings, which help to increase the space that you have to work. The extension wings are made of cast iron and very clean to look at.

The work table measures 55-5/8inches. The magnetic switch is mounted on a pedestal. Which keeps the switch well within your reach as you work. It has four columns supporting it and keeping it sturdy.

Shopfox W1754H Performance Review

The efficiency of this planer is thanks to a 5HP, 240 volts, single-phase 9amp motor. You can work on pieces that have a maximum width of 20 inches. It needs to be at least 3/16 inches thick, with a minimum length of 8 inches. 

It has a feed rate of 16 FPM AND 20 FPM. The maximum cutting depth is 1/8inches. The cutter head diameter is 3-1/8inches with a speed of 5 000RPM. It has four knives that you will need to keep sharp so that you maintain the efficiency of the planer.


It is important to always read the manual and understand the safety precautions that you will need to follow. Make sure that all adjustments to any moving parts are made when the machine is unplugged.

You also want to make sure that the knives are sharp and can make the necessary cuts. Blunt tools will force you to exert more than necessary energy which can be dangerous. 

Also, make sure that you protect yourself by wearing protective clothing such as goggles and whittling gloves. This will keep from getting nicked by flying debris. 

As you are operating the machine, never make the mistake of reaching into the planer for whatever reason. Make sure that all parts are off before you do anything like that.

Who is this product ideal for?

This is not the machine to be used by a novice. The manufacturer makes sure to mention in the manual, that this machine should only be used by people who are trained and know how to use it. This is put in place as a safety measure to avoid fatalities and injuries. 

Our Verdict

The Shopfox W1754H planer has the capacity to make cuts on 20-inch pieces of wood. This gives you quite a lot of room to work with. It makes it a medium to heavy-duty machine that will add value to your work. We also like it for its built-in retractable mobile base which makes it easier to move around. This planer from Shopfox is a good buy. Happy shopping! 

David D. Hughes

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