July 8, 2020

Shopfox W1857 8″ Dovetail Jointer with Mobile Base Review [UPDATED]

The Shopfox W1857 8″ Dovetail Jointer is capable of an impressive 22,500 cuts per minute. It has an 8 x 72-inch table for you to work on. This is a large size that can push through the larger material. The mobile base is built in, while the fence is mounted in the center.

The fence system works with positive stops. It has a pedestal-mounted magnetic switch and a 4-inch dust port that collects all dust during work and keeps it out of necessary spaces.

Shopfox W1857


Like all of the machinery from Shop Fox, it is designed to perfection. The cabinet is made of sheet metal, while the body is cast iron. The cast iron has a powder-coated finish, giving it a clean look. The on and off switch is a bright red color that is hard to miss.

Performance Review

It has a four knife cutter head, which speeds up the entire machine by four times. The four knife systems mean that you will generally have to do minor sanding. 

It has a rabbeting capacity of 1/2 inches. It also has a maximum depth of cut that is 1/4 inches. It has a very long 6′ table, meaning that you can get more done, in less time, knowing that your work is supported. 

The fence guides and supports the wood laterally as you work. The base on this jointer is mobile. This is why it is essential to ensure that the wheels are locked and that the machine stays in place while you work. The outfeed table is adjustable by rotating a knob.


It is essential always to take the necessary precautions, such as plugging in the machine only when you are sure that you have recovered loose parts and that your hands are safely out of the way. Always have blade guards on as you work. 

When you are working, make sure that you feed the wood properly. If you do not do this, it can cause kickback and injury. You want to avoid contact with the cutter head, and this can only come about when you are careful enough to keep the guard on as you work. Also, wear the necessary protective gear such as gloves and goggles.

Who is this product ideal for?

The W1857- 8 inch is better used by trained professionals. A novice will not do such a great job and will probably get hurt rather than get the job done. 


  • It has a good dust collection system
  • has a powerful motor
  • it gives you 25% more cuts 
  • It has a mobile base
  • it is durable


  • Collecting it to power can be dangerous if you are not skilled

Our Verdict

The Shopfox W1857-8″ Dovetailer with Mobile Base, with its 3HP, 230V, single-phase motor, and 22,500 cuts per minute, allows you to plane and joint efficiently. Shop Fox guarantees you a much smoother surface with this jointer. Enjoy your shopping!

David D. Hughes

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