July 8, 2020

ShopFox W1858 8″ Dovetail Jointer Review [READ] Before You Buy It

Are you thinking about buying the Shopfox W1858 Dovetail Jointer with Helical Cutterhead & Mobile Base? This jointer boasts of an extra-long bed, allowing you to work on larger projects.

The machine also has a pedestal-mounted magnetic switch and a built-in mobile base. The stand is on cast iron wheels, which attests to its durability and longevity. 

This 8-inch jointer is an affordable machine that delivers quality cuts. It has a powerful 3HP motor that will be sure to provide the power you need. It is a good buy, especially for the price.

ShopFox W1858


The parallelogram design table is long and very effective for larger projects. It measures 8 inches by 72 inches. The jointer has an obvious mounted magnetic switch, and the fence measures 4-5/8inches by 38inches. The mobile base centers on the entire machine, and it has the Shop Fox logo on the side. 

The on of the button is more of a paddle positioned for easy reach.

Performance Review

This jointer has 36 cutterhead inserts and a rabetting capacity of 1/2 inch. It can make an impressive 22 000 cuts per minute. It also has a good dust collector, and this is necessary to ensure that there are not too many chips obstructing you as you work. 

The W1858-8INCH has a 4inch dust port with a built-in dust chute. There is also a lever to adjust the height, and this will let you work on the jointer at whatever height is good for you. The fence system uses positive stops at +/- 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Its maximum depth of cut is 1/8 inches. 


The cutter head has a guard, and you need to make sure that you keep your fingers safe as you work by keeping it on. The cutter head guard stays on until it comes in contact with the wood, pushing it out of the way. 

Never work on wood that does not meet the minimum dimension requirements, and this can help avoid injury from accidents like kickbacks. Before you can start working, make sure that you are using sharp knives and also make sure that you are using the right stock. Blunt, improper tools can cause injury. 

Who is this product ideal for?

Jointing and planing is not something that an absolute novice can do. It would help if you appreciated what goes into the work at hand, and it can be hazardous when it is not done properly. 


  • It has a very long infeed table, of 40 inches
  • It is durable
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It has a depth gauge
  • It has safety locks to keep 


  • It is cumbersome and not easy to move.

Our Verdict

Like the dovetail jointer from shop fox, a good jointer has a lot of space and versatility. Plaining will be an easy and happy experience, and this jointer has the motor capacity and table space to make the best cuts. Happy shopping!

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