October 23, 2020

Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin’ 6in Traditional Folding Review

The Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin’ 6in Traditional Folding has been around for a while now. For some children, this will have been the first knife that they owned. I have always liked the multi-tool nature of this folding knife. This makes it incredibly versatile. If you are considering purchasing it, this article will cover what you can expect from it.

The Looks

This is the kind of product that will bring back the tradition of handing down belongings in your family for generations. Though traditionally made for men the new design looks and feels simple enough to be suitable for those outgoing and handy women. If you are a handy person or like the big outdoors this is definitely a must have in your pocket. It feels good in the hand with a great grip. Weighs just around 120 grams with a length of 6 inches, width of 1.18 inches, and a height of 1.02 inches making it suitable for most hands since it only comes in one size.


The blades are made of high-quality reliable 65Mn high carbon steel which will resist corrosion to a great deal so you can worry less while crossing those flooded rivers. It also includes nail pulls, straight gouge, hook blade, v-scorp, gouge scorp, and chisel making it ideal for carving and whittling since they are also made from the incredibly strong high carbon steel. The blades pop out from both ends of the tool, with a groove on each for easy access.


The folding knife is produced by the well-reputed Old Timer company which has been in business since 1958 getting better with time. As mentioned above the blades are made from high-quality carbon steel which is not only strong but resists corrosion as well. The reliable blade also has a saw cut handle. The product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty but this need not be cause for concern as it is quite durable, I personally have failed to impose any structural damage on it during the time I have been using it putting it under a series of tests.


  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable in the hand 
  • Comes in a variety of colours 
  • Variety of uses 
  • Very durable 
  • Resists corrosion


  • Comes in one size 


This is an everyday tool that needs not to reside in the tools box but in your pocket. Quick and easy access with the convenient size that makes opening and accessing each piece very easy, it is also secure giving you the confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the heat-treated back spring. 


While no accessories come with this knife depending on your line of work it can work with pretty much anything you can find in your tools box. I always find myself using it with the hammer very often as it does a great job of removing nails.

Who is this product ideal for?

I could make an endless list if I were to list all the uses of this folding knife; the uses range from removing nails to cutting wires and everything in-between, it all depends on the individual really. This is a must-have for ranchers, landowners, tradesmen, hunters, carpenters, campers, outdoors people, and everyone in-between.

Our Verdict

I would give this product 4 stars out of 5, with the only shortfall being that it only comes in one size. I strongly recommend the Old Timer 24OT Splinter Carvin’ 6in Traditional Folding Whittling Knife to all handymen and advise those women who like to do their own things to have it in the house.

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