April 28, 2022

How much does it cost to rent a wood floor sander?

Is it possible to rent a sander to sand hardwood floors?

Yes, it is possible to rent a sander. When you rent the equipment, you’ll need to refinish your hardwood floors, and you’ll be able to save money. Most willing DIYers can do this task throughout the weekend, depending on the size of the area that needs refinishing and the refinishing required. Everything from orbital sanders to drum sanders to sanding belts and pads will be rentable.

Is it worth sanding your floors?

Yes! Sanding your floors isn’t as challenging as you think, but it is strenuous! Sanding wood floors is a time-consuming but relatively simple technique. You can save money by sanding and refinishing your wood floors, and even a novice homeowner can probably do a better job than the lowest-bid handyman. 

Once you’ve learned the principles, getting a high-quality finish on the wood floor is mostly a matter of patience. However, once any bumps between boards have been eliminated to prevent you from tripping, it’s all about looks. Your floor will be a work of art to be proud of once it’s finished.

Grinding machine for sanding hardwood floor

What kind of sander do I need for hardwood floors?

The drum sander is the true beast when sanding hardwood floors. A vast, heavy belt sander is known as a drum sander. It’s a gigantic piece of machinery that’s too heavy for most people to lift—it’ll need two people to transport it. Standing up, the user runs the drum sander.

The drum sander comprises three parts:

  1. The sander body.
  2. A vast dust bag.
  3. A drum to which you may attach large sanding paper belts.

A drum floor sander is excellent equipment for sanding your wood floor down to bare wood. However, be careful not to carve unattractive, permanent grooves in the wood. The drum sander removes your floor’s tough spots, high spots, stains, paint drips, and deeply ingrained stains. The palm sander is the most popular tool for sanding a wooden floor. Palm sanders oscillate; however, the palm sander’s pad is locked in place, unlike random orbital sanders.

How much is a sander for hardwood floors?

The average cost of renting an orbital sander or a drum sander is $55 per day or between $160 and $268 per week.

Where to rent a floor sander

You can rent a floor sander at:

  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • Home Depot
  • The most dependable countrywide store that rents floor sanders is Home Depot. Although not every store has a tool rental section, most do, and most have sanders.
  • Menards

Menards, a direct competitor to Home Depot in the Midwest, rents floor sanders in most of their stores.

  • Shops in the Neighbourhood

Floor sanders are usually available for rent at local tool rental stores.

Home Depot floor sander rental price

Drum sanders are available for hire at Home Depot for $46 per day. At your local Home Depot Tool Rental Centre, same-day holds are available. This gadget requires a $150.00 deposit.

Lowe’s floor sander rental

According to customer service representatives, floor sanders are not up for rent at Lowe’s. Some Lowe’s locations rent out power equipment, but sanders are not available for rent.

Menards floor sander rental

Menards, a direct competitor to Home Depot, rents floor sanders in most of their stores. Renting a floor sander at Menards costs $23 for the first four hours and $2 per hour (the hourly pricing only applies during store hours). Menards offers a variety of tools for rent to help you with your projects. Contact your local Menards for a complete list because the types of devices available and their prices differ by store. A Store Locator can assist you in locating specific store contact information.

Orbital floor sander rental

Only softwood floors needing a little refresh are suitable for sanding with the orbital sanding technique. For fine sanding, most floor sanding firms use orbital floor sanding machines. They utilize an orbital floor sander with 120, 150, and 180 grit sandpaper after finishing with 100 grit belts. You will when you arrive at the store. A $150 credit card deposit is a must for this instrument, which you will charge to the final rental amount. At the time of pick-up, you must present acceptable identification. Accessories are necessary for this tool.

Best floor sander to rent

The drum floor sander is the most commonly used; it is necessary for large jobs and is not readily available. There’s also a danger that you’ll ruin your wooden floor and have to start over, so be cautious. When it comes to a severely damaged floor, this is the ideal alternative because it is less likely to break and stain.

Keep in mind that there are two-floor sanders: drum sanders and orbital sanders while deciding which to rent.

Drum sanders are practical and can strip floors in minutes, but their strength might be challenging to regulate if you don’t have any previous experience. Furthermore, because drum sanders only sand in one direction, you must pay heed to the direction of your wood grain to avoid sanding your floor’s ultimate polish.

Orbital sanders are gentler on flooring and easier to pick up and use, but they take a long time to sand the same area, and they may not have the power you need to remove paint or caked-on varnish to smooth out any severe dings or scratches.

Deck sander rental

Makita has a random orbit sander for rent. Always keep in mind that decking is often a product of softwood types. Whether hand-held or upright, Belt sanders tend to gouge softwoods; therefore, an oscillating or random orbit sander is usually the best option. Before you sand, ensure your deck is completely dry.

When prepping an aging wood deck for refinishing, a deep power washing or scrubbing with a brightener/cleaner is necessary; however, this process can cause the wood fibers of the decking, stairway, and railings to swell and lift away from the wood as they stretch with water. These wood fibers may remain elevated after drying, causing splinters. As a result, sanding your wood deck lightly but thoroughly before staining or sealing is a must. This critical step will ensure that your refurbishing project turns out beautifully.

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