April 27, 2022

How to get a high gloss finish on gunstock

How to make a wood gun stock shine

Tru-oil is an excellent option to consider using when you want to make your wooden gunstock shiny. Many consumers choose this option when they are looking for a semi-gloss finish. This product works well when sealed with similar effects to Varathane. The process requires some level of experience in spray finishing and is not very straightforward. Achieving a shiny finish on a wooden gunstock may make your finish hard, mainly if you use polyurethane. It is best to avoid letting the gloss finish affect your checkering, and for this reason, many consumers choose professionals. 

Can you put polyurethane on a gunstock?

Polyurethane will work on a gunstock. It has protective qualities that will seal the wood against moisture and prevent dents from occurring. The main issue with using polyurethane on a gunstock is that it can sometimes be uncomfortable to wield the weapon after applying the finish. The finish will feel stiff and can look plastic. This feeling comes because the finish forms a barrier but doesn’t penetrate the wood. Overall, the result will often make the rifle harder to grip.

How do you make tung oil glossy?

Many modern manufacturers of tung oil offer a wide variety of finishes to the consumer. You should be able to find tung oil in satin, gloss, or high gloss varieties. The key to getting the finish right is to follow the instructions provided. Tung oil is naturally high gloss if it is pure. To make tung oil glossy, you will need to process about two coats of the product. You will need to use more coats for those looking for a highly polished finish. Rubbing the tung oil will require patience. You will need to use steel wool to rub each skin and remove excess lumps. Some consumers can add up to 8 coats that need to be rubbed thoroughly. As you progress through the coats, you will need to thin the tung oil further with mineral spirits. Wax polish can also provide a high gloss sheen to top the tung oil finish.

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How do you polish high gloss?

To always ensure you have a glossy finish, you need smooth wood. It is, therefore, best to buff out a high-gloss finish with sandpaper that has a grit of up to 320. You should undertake this process before polishing or waxing the high gloss finish. You can buff a high gloss finish with a lathe operating at 1,800 rpm. The polish will need to be placed against the wheel edge as it buffs. This option will break down any small particles on the finish into smaller particles for the first few minutes. This process lets you keep high gloss well polished and scratches removed. Make sure while working you only apply light to moderate pressure. Ensure that the surface is constantly moving and avoid polishing any one place for more than a couple of seconds. Consistently carrying the buffer around will help maintain the finish by preventing heating. It will also help to keep the finish hard.

How many coats of Tru-oil are on a gunstock?

It is advisable to judge the number of coats you need on a coat-to-coat basis. The minimum amount you should use is two coats. This amount will ensure that you have sufficient protection against moisture and scratches. Adding additional coats will help you achieve the level of sheen you wish to have. Depending on how much gloss you want on your gunstock, you can add up to eight coats of Tru Oil. 

How to get a satin finish on gunstock

To achieve a satin finish on a wooden gunstock, consider using a pre-manufactured satin polish or a semi-gloss polyurethane. Many consumers choose to go this route because it provides a more aesthetically pleasing satin look. The products will also offer a more complex finish that can handle moisture well. It is nourishing for the wood and will allow the wood to stay soft and natural while under the finish. To achieve this satin level, you will need to apply between 8-and ten coats. These coats will need to be sanded after each application and rubbed out thoroughly. Once complete, you can wax the gunstock to get it to the level of satin sheen you prefer.  

How to remove gloss finish from gunstock

Removing a gloss finish from gunstock is not a difficult task. This process requires removing the preexisting finish and applying an entirely new one. You can apply numerous products and techniques to remove a high gloss finish. You can consider using alcohol to rub out the finish if it has weakened. If you have the funds available, you should use a good stripper such as CitriStripper. These products can get rid of high gloss finishes without damaging your wood. After removing the high gloss finish, it will be essential for you to sand down the gunstock to mechanically remove the remnants of the finish. This task can be done with 300 – 600 grit sandpaper.

Tru oil high gloss finish

Tru oil can provide a very high gloss finish, but it takes patience. This problem occurs because the oil needs a long time to dry thoroughly. You will need to wait for a few weeks at a time before you can polish the oil to a high gloss. 

Best clear coat for gunstock

Birchwood Casey Complete Gun Finish Kit is one of the top clear options you can choose for your gunstock. The option is made with high-quality material and offers an all-in-one package. 


  1. It offers complete protection and can be used on the whole gun
  2. Requires no prior experience for safe application
  3. Not prone to yellowing, cracks, or scratches
  4. Eco-friendly natural finish


  1. Relatively expensive product

Finishing Walnut gunstock

To finish a walnut gunstock, you will require a whisker and a filler. These tools are needed because walnut has open grain. Open grains are typically known for sucking up a large amount of sealer.

How to stain and finish a rifle stock

Ensure that it is sanded with an extra-fine grit of sandpaper. Between 300-and 600 grit should be sufficient for this purpose. You will need to let the stain dry for at least one hour. 

How to oil finish a gunstock.

Apply about three coats to the gunstock for a long-lasting finish and allow 72 hours between each coat to dry. 

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