September 15, 2020

Morakniv 120 vs 122 | What’s Ideal for a Woodcarver?

Are you wondering which knife would be best to buy between the Morakniv 120 vs 122? If you are checking Morakniv knives, you are already on the right track as they make some of the best and most durable knives.

The Morakniv 120 and 122 are great knives that would work well for any woodcarver. They have what it takes and can help even the best woodcarver produce something even better than with a regular knife. 

Morakniv 120

Morakniv 120 Wood Carving Knife
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The Morakniv 120 is a knife that comes with a Laminated Steel Blade. It is a small carving knife with a thin, tapered 2. 4-inch blade of laminated steel that works rather well for precision when carving out small and hard shapes. 

The laminated Steel features layers of high carbon steel with a core that is hardened to 59-60 HRC. It is also surrounded by a softer alloyed steel layer that has been hot rolled to make it rougher and tougher.

The birch wood is oiled well enough to prevent any cracking or breakage. Also, preventing any moisture or water from soaking in. It comes with an oiled birch wood handle that makes it quite easy to use and less complicated for one’s wrist and hand. 

Morakniv 122

Morakniv 122 Wood Carving Knife with Laminated Steel Blade
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Morakniv 122 is a Wood Carving Knife with a Laminated Steel Blade. It is a small wood carving knife with a thin and tapered 3.2-inch blade of laminated steel and an oiled birch wood handle that makes it easier to handle.  

It comes with a hardened core of 50-60 HRC surrounded by a softer layer of alloyed steel. The blade is made of solid steel, which has some variation in color on its surface. The steel is hot rolled, giving it a rougher surface look.

Compared to other knives, the Morakniv 122 appears to be relatively short and small. You will find that because of its size. It is given aid in versatility when working, and also it is pretty sharp, making it a great tool when working for precision.

Favorite Features

Mora 120

The Mora 120 is a great knife that comes with a carbon steel blade that is sought to offer some resistance to even the most corrosive elements and rusting. It has a dull look that is quite appealing, and the whole design is rather intriguing.

The Mora 120 has an oiled birch wood handle that is relatively smooth on the hands. Plus, the handle comes with a smooth and round ergonomic design that makes it rather easy to use on the wrist and the whole hand.

Another feature to love about this knife is its small size which is rather versatile and makes the knife very portable. Unlike most knives, this knife is designed for precise design when woodcarving. 

Mora 122

Although the knives are pretty similar, they do have slight differences. However, looking at the Mora 122. It is quite hard to ignore its size, making it rather versatile and easy to manage and use. 

It has a laminated steel blade made from carbon steel, even though carbon is not as resistant to rust and corrosives. This blade comes laminated, ensuring that it will offer a certain degree of resistance. 

It has an ergonomic handle that is easy to use for the hand and the wrist. As it is smooth, one does not have to worry about any blisters or twisting their hand. They can easily and swiftly change points while holding the knife. 

Blade size

The Mora 120 comes with a 2.4-inch blade that is tapered and thin. The blade is longer at the cutting end with a rather pointed end that makes it a good knife for any carving and holing in carvings one will be making. Besides all that, the blade is strong and durable.

The Mora 122, on the other hand, comes with a 2.4-inch blade and a 3.2-inch blade that is also thin and tapered. Unlike the Mora 120. The Mora 122 comes with blades that come in two different sizes. 

Shape of blade

The blade on the Mora 120 is quite short, and it has a very sharp and point end. It gets narrower as we get to the knife’s point, from the point where the tang starts. It seems the blade only gets thinner and narrower.

The Mora 122 has a slightly longer blade than the other version; hence, it is not as narrow at the end, and it is not as pointed as the Mora 120. This means that the degree of caution between the usage of the two knives is slightly different as one is sharper than the other.

Cutting style

The Mora 120 has a shorter blade and hence is best used for precise cutting and precise shaping when carving out a shape. It’s a great tool that can offer some of the best designs in any form of woodcarving one may decide to venture into. 

The Mora 122, on the other hand, has a slightly longer blade which makes it more suitable for whittling rather than precision carving. It can still work for both, but it is the best when it comes to things such as whittling when compared to the Mora 120

What could be better

Morakniv 120

The Morakniv 120 is a great knife for precise carvings because of its size and the shape of its blade. It is more versatile and compact and can be used for close-up carvings, unlike the Morakniv 122.

Morakniv 122

The Morakniv 122 has a longer blade than the Morakniv 120. This makes it more suitable for whittling than cutting out shapes. Though it can be used for both, when compared to the Morakniv 120 it may be best for whittling. 

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