January 26, 2022



Baileigh Plasma Table cutting system comes with welded and assembled plasma tables with an exhaust fan. It also has a control console with front and rear access to electrical components.

It has an automatic torch and multi-conductor cable. Start the cutting table by pressing Ok, and arc voltage signals between the plasma cutter and the control console. 

Contact your plasma cutter provider for the accessories components and connection information. Use the Baileigh Industrial operator’s manual with a wire interconnect diagram. A flash drive with assorted files and copies of manuals is supplied. You have the operating manual for the torch power unit, and the operating manual.

Items not included are electrical plugs or connectors for input power to the console and plasma cutter, the air supply to the plasma cutter, a computer to operate CAD-CAM software, and variable height control. The PT-48AH-W makes perfect cuts in uneven material. This CNC plasma table comes assembled with a heavy steel frame and includes design software.


Working area

The cutting table has a working area measuring 60 x 100 inches, for wide and thicker materials. The chances of making mistakes are lower.


It runs on 220-volt single-phase power, making it popular. It works in most parts of the world. Before connecting the machine to the power source, make sure the power source is OFF. Before switching on the power, check the voltage and frequency of the plasma table power to see if they meet the requirement. The allowed range for the voltage is ±5%, and the frequency 

is ±1%.


There is a design software package alongside the cutting table. It takes just a few minutes to learn. The control panel is so easy and even beginners do not struggle. Control the X, Y, and Z axes using the integrated panel on the podium.

Software / Program Code Creation

Software provided with the system is a simple to use CAD-based drawing and coding program. Using the software you create a new drawing or import files such as DXF, BMP, and JPG. 

Once created, the file is processed for the code needed to run the shape on the table. You may choose to enrol at a Technical College to gain additional knowledge and experience. They might not have the exact software as supplied with the table, but the techniques and functions are similar.

Height control

Automatic height control is integrated into the operator’s panel, removing secondary systems found on many other tables. The operator’s podium gives space for plasma power units while cutting. If the material is uneven or puckers under the torch heat, the variable height control raises or lowers in real-time while cutting.


X, Y, and Z axes are controlled by quality stepper motors, allowing for fast and fluid movement.


The table is heavy-gauge boxed steel. That makes the CNC plasma cutting machine support large, thick industrial-sized sheets of metal. The steel frame is straight and accurate over the years. In contrast, competing plasma tables with aluminium frames will warp from heat.


Ground, hardened, and polished square rails are with linear orbital bearings. That adds impressive strength to the machine.

Water table

An integrated water table helps control smoke and dust created while cutting to help keep your shop clean.


Manufacturer’s Warranty

The plasma table comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The agreement between the Seller and buyer says that the cutting table shall be free of defects in material or for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. These apply when goods are installed, used, and maintained. Follow the instruction manual or technical guidelines provided by the supplier.  


The plasma table weighs 3021.0 lbs. Plasma cutters can weigh from as little as 20lb and even more for industrial machines. With this plasma table, you cannot carry it around from one job to the other. It is too heavy to carry around. However, it remains powerful, unlike lighter machines. They cannot cut as thick metal as a heavier plasma cutter.

Product Type

The table is a Plasma table. Regardless of the cut, you are making, plasma cutting has an artistic component to completing a successful cut. That helps incorporate automated equipment into making metal parts and pieces. To be a successful cutter, you need experience, and that takes time. New operators can still use the machine, but they should not overlook the knowledge to cut. 


It runs at 220 volts. Plasma cutters with more than 115V are for experienced users. They need a lot of power and are cutting industries. Sometimes they cannot be plugged into your standard household power outlet and give you much power. You will need a generator to run it. 

BobCAD-CAM Software

Each new cutting table comes with one license of the latest version of BobCAD CAM Express 

software and Services provided by BobCAD-CAM. If you have no idea how to get started with the Software, contact a representative from BobCAD-CAM. You will get directed to the download links and the license activated. BobCAD-CAM helps you bring out your drafting artistry skills. 


  • Metal cutting processes in the manufacturing, agricultural, engineering, and construction industries. 
  • It cuts sheet metals, metal signs, metal arts, metal tubes, and pipes.
  • Speed up the cutting process.

Material and durability 

The frame is made of steel, making it high quality and giving maximum performance to your item. It supports thick materials and remains durable. The material makes the product versatile. Plasma cutting is an effective option for cutting both thin and thick metals, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. 


  • Fast
  • Precise
  • Versatility 
  • Durable 


  • Plasma torch systems are sold separately.


The plasma cutting table is more affordable than other models. That makes it more attractive to users since the price does not compromise the quality and efficiency of the product. It comes with features that make industrial projects successful at an affordable price. 


In summation of the above, the Baileigh CNC PLASMA CUTTING TABLE is an affordable product that does not compromise its quality. It remains a powerful cutting tool that accommodates both thick and thin materials. It would have been more durable if it was of aluminum alloy. However, it remains a competitive plasma table that works on complex materials. 

David D. Hughes

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