February 3, 2022

Powermatic 1797024K CNC Kit with Electro Spindle

The Powermatic 1797024K is a CNC machine with an electronic spindle. It comes with an extruded aluminum table that offers a large, sturdy surface when working on your projects. The integrated slots encourage the hold-down clamps to settle in any location.

Moreover, this Powermatic CNC Kit contains a handheld controller attached to the DSP control box through an 8-foot cable, making it easier to oversee any project from different positions. If you are always looking for confidence, flexibility, and durability in a machine, this CNC Kit offers all these qualities through its unparalleled design. You can quickly re-zero your Z-axis with its push-off button on the controller and the existing touch-off button.

What are the key things to consider

It will help if you consider things before choosing and selecting the right product. You have to consider things like durability, maintenance, the flexibility of the machine, the type of project you are doing, and its specifications. Also, look at the machine dimensions and features if they match your intentions. 

Manufacturers can possess all the CNC machines that you may think of, but some aren’t durable enough. Acquire as much information as you can on the product you want before purchasing it. The Powermatic CNC kit is the way to go, considering its features and what it offers. It instills confidence in you so that you won’t have worries when doing your projects.

Technical Specifications

Spindle Speed (RPM)                        N/A

Style (Type)                                        CNC

X-Axis Travel (In.)                               24

Y-Axis Travel (In.)                               24

Z-Axis Travel (In.)                                 6

Rapid Feed Rate (IPM)                      200

Weight (lbs.)                                       598

Motor Power (HP)                                  3

Floor Space Required (In.)                 52 x 45

Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM)    300

Motor Phase                                            1

Motor Voltage (V.)                                115

Prewired Voltage (V.)                           115

Recommended Circuit Size (Amps.)     15

  • The Powermatic CNC machine kit comes with a 5-year warranty and an enclosed cabinet made of heavy-duty welded steel with a handy toolbox for storage. 
  • It has nylon track chains that are flexible enough to protect all cables thus, preventing rubbing and stress. 
  • It comes with high torque stepper motors that control the axes for a quiet, quick and precise movement. 
  • For more excellent stability of the spindle, the machine consists of exclusive gravity cast aluminium gantry supports. 
  • When working, the machine will be attached to a dust collector; a dust shoe will be presently available to provide a clean surface. 
  • It contains integrated casters that provide mobility and independent levelling feet that offer stability. 
  • A universal 3-1/2 router mount is also present, and linear guideways with recirculating ball bearings provide rapid movement on every axis. These also maintain precisely spindle movement. 
  • Additionally, the kit comes with an MDF spoil board which protects the table from damage. It is also easy to resurface using the preloaded program.

Material used 

The Powermatic machine kit comes with track chains made of nylon; nylon has high abrasion resistance, good thermal resistance, and good fatigue resistance. The machine has parts made of steel and aluminum; steel is solid and is highly sustainable. Aluminum is a highly versatile material, lightweight with corrosion resistance. The variety of these materials makes the powermatic machine become flexible and aesthetically.


  • It has spindle stability. 
  • It offers table protection because of the MDF spoil board, which protects the table from any damage.
  • Prevents rubbing 
  • The flexible nylon track chains found on the machine can protect cables, preventing stress and rubbing. 
  • Precise movement because of the high torque stepper motors that control each axis 
  • The linear guideways ensure accurate positioning of the tool bit. 

Grounding offers a way of least resistance for electric current to minimize the risk of electric shock. The machine is also equipped with an electric cord with an equipment-grounding conductor and plug. These accessories assist in grounding the device. 


  • It can be costly
  • The machine is difficult to move, especially when grounded

General Verdict

Generally, the Powermatic CNC machine kit prices are fair though you can find others costly. They are easy to set up and come with an understandable manual. It has a gold standard color with an unrivaled design. You can get the Powermatic 2×2 CNC kit with Router Mount or the 2×4SP with Electro spindle. 

The product is highly recommendable. It delivers all the confidence you need to tackle any woodworking project. It has prominent features that make it unique for any project. The combination of steel and aluminum materials gives it strength and stability. Its qualities are a plus for every artistry, exceptionally the quick, quiet, and precise movement. 

However, the only issue is it needs space, and once grounded, you cannot move it quickly. It becomes costly to move and make sure you level it in a permanent area that you won’t need to move regularly.

Issues Associated with the Powermatic CNC machine and how to fix them

Here are some of the issues associated with Powermatic CNC routers and how you can quickly solve them without a technician 

  • The Motor attempts to start but will not turn. 

The issue is usually a result of a jammed spindle or spindle running without coolant, Motor fault, and incorrect voltage. The solution to this issue is switching the machine off and turning the spindle by hand. Check the incoming voltage. Always check the reason for the spindle jamming and not anything that you find weird. You can also replace the spindle if the Motor isn’t functioning correctly and always maintain a coolant level. 

  • Motor Overheats or shut off.

This issue results from dull cutting tools, the absence of coolant in the reservoir, or a blockage in the coolant path. The solution is always to use sharp tools to fill the reservoir and check the presence of obstacles in the flow path of the coolant. 

  • The cutting depth of the router is becoming inconsistent. 

Sometimes, the router’s cutting depth can become inconsistent because of a loose cutter, spoil boards failing to become flat, and excessive play in the Z-axis ball screw. To solve these, make sure you tighten the cutter in spindle collet, clean the spoil boards before a fitting job and ensure that they are flat. Inspect the Z-axis ball screw and if there’s a need for fixing, correct it before starting any task. 

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