February 3, 2022

Powermatic 1797022K Model PM-2x2RK

Powermatic 1797022K Model PM-2x2RK is heavy-duty milling for creatives. It features a heavy-duty welded steel frame that provides rigidity and maintains accuracy. The aluminum table delivers a large, sturdy surface and the integrated T-slots allow the hold-down clamps to any location.

It features an MDF spoil board that protects the table from damage. The spoil board allows you to resurface using the pre-loaded program. It has a heavy-duty gantry supporting gravity-cast aluminum. That makes the Powermatic machine durable.

It features precision ball screws with recirculating ball bearings. The rapid movement on each axis while maintaining precise spindle placement. Linear guideways with recirculating ball bearings ensure accurate positioning of the tool bit.
The Powermatic machine does not come with a router. The handheld controller attaches to the DSP control box via an 8ft. Cable, making it easy to watch every stage of the project from all positions.



Heavy-duty welded steel frame provides rigidity and maintains accuracy. The high rigidity frame keeps it solid and stable. The Powermatic all-welded steel frame is better than the aluminum frames used in most desktop CNC routers. As much as the frame comes with high-quality material, it remains affordable.

The gantry bridge is highly stiff aluminum extrusion, and the gantry supports are gravity cast aluminum alloy. It features aluminum rails that run underneath the spoil board. These prevent flexing of the spoil board and give rigidity to the setup.

The working bed uses aluminum extrusions with an integrated MDF spoil board. This helps damp the vibrations and is one of the differences with other CNC routers. The frame becomes heavy and of high quality.

Spoil board

USING THE PRE-LOADED PROGRAM, an MDF spoil board protects the table from damage and resurface. The spoil board is the sacrificial board that prevents damage to the cutter as it cuts through the work material. It has to be flat and smooth, and the CNC router table gives 1-inch thick MDF spoil board strips. Exclusive, heavy-duty gantry supports are made of gravity cast aluminum.

A pre-set program is available for fly cutting your spoil board with a 1-1/2 inch fly cutting bit and download. An initial fly cut removes marks and creates a perpendicular surface to the cutting path. It cuts a minimal amount to create a flat surface of approximately 0.020 inches.

Secure workpieces to spoil board using hold-downs. Clean the spoil board chips or sawdust. Drill the work directly to the spoil board or secure it using double-sided tape. Remove the finished workpiece from the spoil board using a wide putty knife.

Precision ball screws

Precision ball screws feature recirculating ball bearings for rapid movement on each axis. It maintains precise spindle placement. There are linear guideways with recirculating ball bearings for precise and accurate positioning of the tool bit.

The precision ball screws are for linear motion. Professional-grade CNC machines use ball screw mechanisms for linear motion. They provide excellent accuracy and have no backlash. Ball screws have low friction, and the load can move it if not held in place. That process is back-driving.

Sometimes, if you are using a ball screw in the vertical axis, the Z-axis may not stay in place once it is up. The weight will make it move down. To remove this problem, use stepper motors that prevent ball screws from being back-driven.


The handheld controller attaches to the DSP control box via an 8-foot cable, making it easy to oversee any project from multiple positions.

Track chains

Flexible nylon track chains protect all cables preventing rubbing and stress. That increases the life of the chains and the machine as a whole.


The enclosed steel stand features drawers for storage, casters for mobility, and independent leveling feet. The base comes as a steel stand. Steel gives your milling machine long service life. Ergonomic stands made from high-grade stainless steel are durable. They withstand years of rigorous use without wearing down or breaking. It requires low maintenance. It is resistant to corrosion slipping and custom-designed for your application.

Dust shoe

The dust shoe is part of the package. It has a dust shoe that gives a clean surface as the machine works when hooked up to a dust collector. Make sure your work area and your milling machine are dust-free.

The Powermatic package does not include the system. Connect the dust collection system to the CNC router via a dust shoe-mounted below the spindle. The collection capacity should be at least 300 CFM, and attach a dust shoe to your machine.

Support weight of dust hose when connected to dust shoe. Slide it up onto the router housing and tighten the screw. Do not allow bristles to press hard against the milling table so that you do not damage the machine. When not in use, remove the dust shoe from the spindle, and keep it without pressure on bristles.

Enclosed cabinet

The milling machine features heavy-duty welded steel, an enclosed cabinet, and a handy toolbox for storage. The storage keeps your tools closer as you are working on the project.



High-torque stepper motors control each axis, giving fast, quiet and precise movement. The 115V, 1PH motor provides high torque for the machine. The included puck allows you to quickly and easily re-zero your Z-axis with the push of a button on your controller.


The extruded aluminum table delivers a large, sturdy surface. It comes with a large 2 x 2-inch table. The integrated T-slots allow the hold-down clamps to be positioned in any location.


Hold down clamps have a 5/16inches T-bolt with a 1-1/8 inches wide by 5-1/4″ aluminum arm – 4 hold down clamps included with CNC kit.


It comes with a 5-year warranty which ensures a well-functioning router. That also boosts confidence in the user and makes the supplier reliable. Any technical fault, you can send it back for repair.


Powermatic 1797022K Model PM-2x2RK is an entry-level machine. That does not compromise its quality and performance. It remains a competitive model. Sometimes the shipping is free.


It has the standard color that makes the appearance look good for years. Even if it wears down, it is easy to re-paint. The color easily blends with items and other machines used in the workshop.


The Powermatic 1797022K Model PM-2x2RK has more advantages than disadvantages. The heavy machine is ideal for industrial use. It comes with rigidity and produces products. The work surface is large enough for items of different sizes without compromising precision. The MDF spoil board protects the table from damage, prolonging its life. You can operate it from any angle. It does not come with a router. You can still have it at an affordable price. If you are working on a tight budget, you might take the router due to its affordability.

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