May 14, 2021

SHARK HD520 CNC Machine Review | Is it the REAL DEAL?!

If you are interested in buying a tool that can machine and carve out different materials, you should look at the Shark HD520. After running some tests on this product, we are happy to report that it offers impressive accuracy in design and execution. 

This is very important for professional machining products. That is because wasting material increases cost, thereby limiting profits. I believe many consumers worldwide like this product because it is effortless to install and is durable. 

SHARK HD520 CNC Machine

The materials used are all industrial grade. So, it is well equipped to deal accurately with wood, soft metals, or even plastic. It is one of the more advanced models that comes with a color touch screen and unlimited reference points to map out the topography of the material. You can rest easy as the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty to back this up. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, this is an excellent professional solution to consider. 

If you wish to know more, join us to take an in-depth look at the features of this product.

Impressive Features


It is rare to find machining products that are this comfortable in terms of the size base they offer to the consumer. This product brings to the fold a more luxurious and professional approach to the workspace. It allows you to be comfortable because you will no longer be afraid to run out of space as you work. 

It will also save you time and money because you will process an immense amount of material faster than usual. This works out very well for more small woodworking or machining companies. 

Such companies will most likely see an increase in their productivity levels because the amount of time required to produce one item will significantly reduce. If you are working from home, it might be true that you do not need additional space. However, you should always consider comfort.

Vectric VCarve Pro Design Software

This innovative software design program works to provide the user with a powerful and understanding design solution. With this feature, you will find yourself drawing things in 2D on your computer that the machine can execute. 

This innovation not only makes it easier and faster for you to machine an item, but it also makes it more precise and accurate. 2D patterns are no longer complicated to do with this software, and you can begin to move on 3D vector files. This is essential for people looking to drill inlay toolpaths and perform proper shape nesting. 

It opens up new doors to what can become possible with your machine. Two packages come when you purchase this feature. There is a free and professional version. Fortunately for users of this product, the manufacturers have included the professional option for you.

Color Pendant Controller

The color touch pendant controller is a handy feature because it will prolong the machine’s durability in total. There used to be buttons on the older models of this product, which were notorious for breaking down. After a couple of years, you will find that the controls have become worn out and are no longer that easy to press. 

At this point, users begin to push harder and harder until the button eventually breaks, and you can no longer use the machine without replacing the control pad. Fortunately, this problem does not exist in touch screens because they do not wear out over time. Not only is it more durable, but the product also becomes much more accurate regarding your usage.

Virtual Zero Unlimited 

This futuristic technology has only been invented recently and offers consumers a new way of carving or machining items. It is a very professional solution to mapping problems where the surface of the material you’re using is not even. 

The software works by reviewing the entire character and then adding reference points to each section. Once this procedure is complete, it will explain how the material you are using looks. As a user, when you can maintain a stable and constant cutting depth, you can immediately improve the quality of work you can produce.


The manufacturer of this product has provided a one-year warranty for the user. You will also be able to use free Technical Support for the rest of your lifetime.


There is no way of going around this. This product is not cheap. It has been placed in the elite range of pricing, given that it is one of the flagship models of this entire range. 

Given that the nextwave Shark hd520 has been made from the highest and most durable materials you can find on the market, it is pretty understandable that it is priced this way. It also comes with some of the latest software helpful in designing accurate and highly skillful pieces.

Verdict on the Shark HD 520

In conclusion, you should consider the cnc shark hd520 if you are looking for something along the high end of the market. It will help reduce any small business’s cost by preventing unnecessary waste. It will also reduce the time spent working on any particular item, given the available space. 

You can complete more significant projects in a smaller amount of time. It comes with design software that will allow you to work in 2D or 3D form. This means that the range of projects you can complete is quite expanded. 

It is a very intuitive machine that will work with you because it has virtual zero reference points. This means that the device will be well aware of the material’s topography. It is an excellent option for professional and industrial companies looking to provide consumers with a specific and consistent standard. See the Best CNC Wood Carving Machine.

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