May 14, 2021

Buying A CNC Machine | A Comprehensive Guide Of What To Look For

What Size of a CNC Machine is Right for me?

Before buying a CNC machine, you have to think about the size you want to have. A standard CNC machine measures 4 x 8ft. That means the machine cuts the edges are measured 4 x 8ft of a panel. Bear in mind that the size of the machine determines the price. The bigger the CNC machine, the steeper the price. 

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If you cannot afford the above size, there are still smaller sizes with incredible performance. When it comes to the size of the CNC machine, it is not only about cost but how big is your shop? You take a look at the size of your machine, storage space, and your functional space. 

If the space provided allows you to be flexible and keep enough accessories, parts, and equipment, then you are good to go. You need extra space than you think is enough, and there are items you will add that you might not think of the moment you get a CNC machine. 

You do not know the size of a vacuum you are going to get. There is a ventilation system, cabinet, or bench to work on. Your market determines the size of the machine you need. The size of the material you will be working on determines the size of the CNC machine. 

Buying a small machine when you are working on large and wide materials is inconvenient. Buying a big machine, yet you have smaller pieces to work on, will cost you unnecessary space. Find out Where to buy a CNC Machine.

What are the different woodworking CNC machines?

CNC Routers

CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that cut various materials. The industrial CNC router is for the industrial sector for heavy-duty tasks to run high production of materials. It utilizes the computer numerical control to route tool paths that allows the CNC machine to work. 

These are CNC machines that produce bulky items such as furniture and signs. They are big and are not affordable. They last long working hours and harsh conditions, and they are ideal for a profitable business in the commercial sector. Maximum efficiency is what you get from the industrial CNC router machines. 

The advantages of the CNC routers are fast cutting speeds, high-powered spindles, automatic tool changers, a vacuum with a T-slot surface, and an effective dust collection system.

CNC Milling machine

A CNC milling machine uses computer controls just like a router to cut multiple materials. It involves the change of programs of numbers and letters to move the spindle in various directions. Mills use the G-code, a programming language detected by CNC machines.

 The CNC mill mills, taps, drills, and turns material. The standard mill comes in three to six-axis configurations, and high-end mills are not affordable if you run a tight budget. 

CNC Lathe

A lathe machine cuts workpieces as they rotate, and it makes precise cuts fast using multiple tools. Compared to manual lathes, CNC machines are more effective and are compact. The controls are similar to those that come with the mills, and they also use the G-code. 

What are the best CNC Machines?

Next Wave CNC Shark SD120 

It is a great cutting machine that the manufacturer invested in automation. It gives you a 304.8 x 609.6mm working area that has a milling depth of 101.6mm. The auto-edge and sensing technology allow the machine to locate the material and identify its size. 

The Windows-only design software, Carve desktop V8, allows you to send the finished design to the router using a USB. The strength of the machine lies in professionalism, versatility, and automation, which makes it fast and smooth.

JFT 3040 CNC Wood Milling machine

It comes with a USB port that makes transferring data easy. It balances quality and price since it is affordable, and at the same time, it brings excellent performance. It has a sturdy frame that makes the machine well-balanced. 

It is not affected by various metal pieces that it cuts through. More prolonged operations are allowed due to the cooling system. It accommodates a wide range of software such as the ArtCAM and CopperCAM software. Power and speed make the machine a powerful tool for the industry.

Millright CNC machine

The metallic body makes the Millright CNC machine stable and robust during milling operations. It is powerful and versatile, and the ball-screws that mount the milling machine bring stability as well. 

Millwright CNC machines produce quality products. The design empowers the CNC machine to run metal materials, and the emergency stop switch makes the machine safe and precise.

How much should I expect to spend on a woodworking CNC machine?

The amount of money to spend on a woodworking machine depends on the size and your needs. You have to look forward to paying up to 100,000, and you can even pay more if your budget allows. 

What you need to consider before picking a CNC machine is your budget. As soon as you look at your budget, consider the features that come with each model within your range.

Use CNC to make your life easier.

You might be wondering how the CNC machine makes your life easy. It has features that are easy to use, use fast and easy controls, and allow you to use your personal computer, which cuts costs and helps you familiarise yourself with the system. 

Projects that require accuracy and repeatable movements are easy to execute. It has an instant creation of designs and shapes. Due to the introduction of 3D printings, projects from a file. Precision makes tasks convenient to execute. The technological advancement of the CNC machine allows you to stick to one point of control.

CNC Machine Prices

A compact-sized and economic woodworking CNC ranges from 2,000 to 10,000. Best-selling woodworking CNC machines range from 3,000 to 40,000, and high-end CNC machines are over 100,000. 

CNC Machine Brands


The Okuma manufacturing company is a popular distributor of CNC machinery, and what makes it reliable is the innovation that it brings. However, that should not stop you from researching a model before purchasing. 


Mazak has been in the machinery industry for a very long time. It has several CNC machines that are reliable and efficient. World-class machines are great for multitasking. That is because they can handle both milling and boring. Mazak also makes low-budget and high-end appliances, which is good if you don’t have


HAAS is well known for its low-budget machines, and it has been one of the influencers in CNC machinery production. However, that does not compromise the quality of the CNC machine, and the CNC machines are neither big nor small. 

CNC Machine Manufacturers

Lincoln Electric

The Lincoln electric company has a wide range of machinery that ranges from entry-level CNC machines to industrial machines. It targets small and mid-sized shops by providing affordable CNC machines.


The Hurco manufacturer is a leading company that sells CNC machines to the metal industries. It offers computerized machine tools such as mills and lathes, and it is popular in high-speed machines.

CNC Masters

It has been in the game for a while, and it specializes in mills, controllers, and CNC lathes.


Tormach specializes in small CNC machines and cutting tools. It targets small-scale woodworkers such as hobbyists and educators.

CNC Machine Price

The average price of a commercial CNC machine is $80,000, and Mills range from 60,000 to 100,000. The CNC machine varies in price depending on specials at the moment, size, and the type of the machine. Find out how How a CNC Milling Machine Works.

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