May 4, 2022

Wen 3424 Lathe Review

Product Description

The Wen 3424 wood lathe is a relatively small lathe useful for beginner woodworkers. It was initially designed as one of the WEN 342 series’ first lathes. This lathe is 30.5 x 8.75 x 16.25 inches in dimension, which means it is petite enough to fit safely in most workshops. The minor measurements of the product are well complemented by a manageable product weight of about 70 pounds. Despite the helpful premium features incorporated into the lathe, it has a comparatively low price. 

The WEN LA3424 can handle wood pieces 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. This capacity is impressive when coupled with five different speeds to choose from. The product has a 4.5 amp motor that can reach a wide range of speeds. It has settings that get the lathe to 520, 900, 1400, 2150, or 3400 RPM. It is relatively affordable and has a wide variety of accessories used with the lathe. You can use the Wen 3424 to turn bowls, cups, and other non-spindle workpieces. It is recommended to purchase this lathe if you are a beginner or you need to upgrade an old lathe.

Technical Specification

  • This product is manufactured by a company called ‎Wen. Wen has been around since 1951.
  • This lathe weighs 79.1 pounds. This weight is not heavy enough to provide relief against vibrations whilst turning wood.
  • The lathe has a total dimension of ‎33.38 x 18.75 x 18.75 inches. This area is relatively small for a lathe, but it will work sufficiently for beginners without much space.
  • The lathes are manufactured and sold in China.
  • It comes in black.
  • To operate this product, you will need an AC Power Source.


This lathe is 30.5 x 8.75 x 16.25 inches in dimension and comes in black. It is a tiny lathe compared to other traditional options. Many consumers appreciate this size because it fits well in a small workshop. This size is even better for beginners who work out of their garages. The product does not weigh a lot, only about 70 pounds. This weight level makes it difficult to work without experiencing vibrations and makes it easier to move around or set up in the workshop. Managing a smaller lathe is safer than handling a vast machine, especially those without sufficient experience. 


Wen has added a 3-1/8 inch faceplate to this lathe, drastically improving its usage range. This addition can be used for turning bowls, cups, and other non-spindle workpieces. You can try turning pens, mugs, and different small workpieces if you feel creative. One of the top advantages of this product is that it can support a wide variety of accessories. Many small lathes cannot offer this to the consumer, especially at this price.

Available Sizes

The product comes with a size dimension of 30.5 x 8.75 x 16.25. This is generally small in lathe terms, so it weighs just around 70 pounds. With this model, this is the only size you can get. It is pretty light, making it challenging to turn wood products safely without experiencing heavy vibrations. At this weight, additional weights and bolts will likely need to be included in the lathe set-up to prevent it from moving whilst you work. 


This lathe is made from high-quality materials that will last you a lifetime. They make the product solid and heavy to handle some powerful woodworking. It has a cast iron black body that is extremely tough.


These machines are designed to last you forever. The 3424 Wen lathe will not rust easily or break down over time. If you maintain the appropriate speeds and allow for adequate cooldown time, you should have this product for a minimum of ten years.


  1. You can work on various projects with this lathe because it has five speeds. These speeds allow you to choose the best option for the wood to allow for accurate and precise work.
  2. You can do a wide range of designs with this lathe because it can accommodate many types of accessories.
  3. The construction of the product is excellent. It has a carbon steel body that will last you for a long time given appropriate usage. 
  4. This option is one of the cheaper products in this range. It has features that justify the cost involved. 
  5. The machine weighs over 70 pounds, making it easy to set up or more. The lightweight body makes it much easier to store.


  1. The product does not have an emergency shutdown button. This feature is essential and can be life-saving if there is human error or a machine malfunction.
  2. The weight of the machine is 70 pounds, and this means you will need to add additional weight to help prevent the device from moving whilst you work. Vibrations during woodworking can cause health problems such as wrist pain. 


The product is affordable compared to some competitors in its price range. Many consumers would feel this price is justifiable given the number of speeds the product can reach. This range provides the buyer with additional versatility in the products they can turn in. It also has a petite body that makes it easy to transport and set up. 


In conclusion, the Wen lathe 3424 is one of the best options for beginners. It is an excellent product for people who do not have much space available to work. The small dimensions make it easy to set up and move around, perfect for someone without much help. A professional woodworker would probably need a lathe with a bigger motor; however, someone who wishes to turn small projects would love this lathe.

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