September 2, 2021

What are the different Dremel bits used for

Dremel bits explained

A Dremel bit is a small rotating blade or cutting tool on the end of the rotary tool. Dremel bits come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Because Dremel is a multifunctional tool, some bits are suitable for the specific needs of other applications. Look for the perfect bit for your project to take advantage of this versatile tool. Below you will find the Dremel bits and their uses.

Cutting bits

The Dremel tool is a cutting tool that requires cutting bits for high performance. Cutting bits re-size metal and plastic pipes, cutting small tiles for decorative purposes, and cutting wall grout in narrow places. Multiple bits cut shapes like discs. 

The cutting discs are different since some have minimal gaps between teeth and do not have the same pattern. These are more precise than bits with significant gaps for bulk cutting. 

Insert the discs according to the requirements of your cutting project.  The cutting bits cut through materials such as wood, metal, and tile. The Dremel cut-off wheels cut wood and metal if you attach regular bits. If cutting bits with significant gaps between the teeth is used, perfection should be the least of your worries. 

Sanding bits

As the name implies, sanding bits sand down multiple surfaces, leaving your material smooth. Amongst the materials you can sand with the sanding bit are wood, fiberglass, and clay. 

Sanding bits remove rust from metal, clean stubborn marks from your items, and shape creative figures. There are two types of sanding bits: drums and discs, and the sanding bit work with the right sanding disc. 

Drums are cylindrical. A cylinder is attached to the end of the Dremel tool, and slip a band over the cylinder. The band comes with abrasive particles stuck on it, and the drum holds the drum band. The band does the sanding. 

The abrasive particles sand down the material till smooth. Discs are attached at the end of the rotary tool and make precise sanding. When your aim is sanding a large surface, the drum bit is the ideal tool. For precise sanding, the discs are ideal. Although the bits bring precision and cover more surface area, they do not replace power sanders. 

Engraving bits 

Engraving bits are decorative for grooving, slotting in material, running small-scale routing tasks, engraving ceramic and glass, and artwork in metal and wooden doors. They are small and precise, and they easily maneuver in tight and small spaces. The bit is easy to use if you choose the specific one. Pop it onto the end of the rotary tool. The bits are available in different sizes, styles, and patterns. Diamond-tipped bits are for engraving glass material, and it needs patience and confidence. 

Grinding and sharpening bits

The Dremel tool works on rusty material when using grinding and sharpening bits. There are grinding wheels and stones, and grinding wheels are made of abrasive aluminum oxide. They are smooth when sharpening chainsaw blades, removing rusty material, grinding work, and removing paint

Thicker wheels are for general purposes and come in a disc shape and cross-section. You have to get rid of stuck materials on metal surfaces. 

Grinding stones sharpen knife blades and ax blades. They are cylindrical and work for grinding profiles and holes, and they are of silicon carbide, which brings abrasiveness to the projects. Check out our post on Sharpening Cuticle Nippers with a Dremel.

Drilling bits

Using the right drill bit brings precision to your work. It drills through wood, plastic, and thin metal. There are multiple drilling bits that you choose from depending on your project. All projects require drilling. For small-scale drilling, 

Dremel drill bits are heavy enough to complete the task. They come in different sizes and shapes and make holes in wood and metal. 

Carbide cutting wheel

The carbide cutting wheel is a bit for cutting wood. High-speed steel bits are a better version of the bit and are durable and efficient. When looking for the bit, pick the best that cuts hardwood. 

The 9901 Tungsten carbide carving bit is fast and effective as it removes wood and cuts flat areas, round edges, and v-cuts. It is for bulk cutting and precise cuts. Do not run it over the speed of 30,000 rpm so it remains smooth. 

The Dremel Tungsten Carbide carves bit shapes, smoothens, cuts, and removes wood from substances. The carbide operates at high speed, which is how it easily cuts hard material (Source). It cuts effortlessly on wood, and it is multifunctional. 

Diamond-tipped bit

The diamond-tipped bit cuts glass. Glass is hard and brittle, whereas diamond is harder. That is why it is ideal for glass. There are plenty of diamond-tipped bits that you choose from, and the bit also works on stone carving. 

The bit has to match the type of stone or rock you will be working on. Soft stones such as sandstone and soapstone are easy to carve. Carving marble using the bit takes time, and using a chisel helps you get a rough shape that you must finish with Dremel. 

Diamond bits range from 40grit to 600 grit. The 150 grit is a standard diamond-tipped bit that is multi-purpose. It works on stone, glass, and hard materials. Hard stones such as granite are hard to carve using the bit and need experience and skill. 

Cleaning and polishing bits

Cleaning allows you to work on your items precisely since it increases visibility. Polishing bits polish jewelry, rust the material, clean electrical items, and remove light stock. The Dremel cleaning bits give you unique services as you complete the cleaning task. 

The cleaning bits have five cleaning brushes for different tasks: two polishing wheels and a polishing point. The brass brush bits are a clean, soft material and do not leave scratches. Stainless steel brushes are lightweight and easy to use when cleaning corrosive-resistant materials. The high-performance abrasive brush helps you get a quick, thorough cleaning. 

It removes rust from metal items. Carbon steel brushes clean electrical components, and bristles brush bits clean and polish jewelry. Polishing wheels, impregnated and rubber polishing wheels are types of polishing wheel bits. They eliminate sanding marks, polish materials, and remove light stock. Be sure to check out our post on Where to Buy Dremel bits.

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